A happy accident !

Hi all just took a crop of my earlier post & was playing around with layers & modes in PS.
Its often debated where to draw a line of not letting the SW rule your design & eventually your mind , its fun to just try & play around with the blending modes & textures.
If you are using a SW better use to its strength ! people use CTRL+ Z all the time right!! might as well use all things in there to get the result!
So I did some watercolor washes on a rough handmade sheet & used them with diff color saturation & modes to get some interesting effects which bring them very close to a manual work. Some times there are happy accident results!
What is imp is to do things tastefully to get a desired & good result by patiently working with it ..
As I've read somewhere ..
'I think its never what you have that matters (PS or painter in this case) but what you do with what you have'


Stone Lanterns

Japanese Stone/Granite lanterns are very interesting in form & presence .. just a small doodle to express a certain calm & serene mood of the japanses gardens..


From the Forests !

Hi all some more Lighting studies from photographs .. a fairytale(ish)feel in mind..Wish to do a illustrated series of painting on fairytales & stories ... of my own ..someday surely will do it!
Till then..cheers!