Sketches + Graphics

Posting some sketches quickly treated in Graphical way !
Random poses from memory as practice ..
Cheers :)


A modern fairy tale

Long long time ago ..  At least seems like .. BTW how many of you have looged in orkut ? off late ?
Its almost a modern day tech Fairy tale ..
Was playing with woodcut patterns & drop caps for fun & this struck.. so made this as a daily dose  ..
hope you enjoy :)


Greats prefer Rounds !

A peculiar similarity that I observed in those who lead !
This is for Steve jobs on 5th Oct -
Again, May his soul RIP.




Lonely at the top :)
Some envios spawned from my earlier post of BnW thumbnails .. also thinking of doing concept art for all fairy tales I know.. more coming up on those :)



If you change nothing , nothing will change ..
to bring about change.. need to refresh & reload new brushes & try new things & new techniques !!
m lovin every bit of it ..:)