Hi friends
another post pretty soon.. went on trip ( mental & physical ) imagining complex & funny poses photographers take to take their best shot.. A red pen & a sketchpad can be so good a companion while traveling ! had to compile them with some thoughts that evoked ..
Hope you enjoy the Pot shots :P !

India authentic !

A long pending post.. sharing an illustration I did for O&M, Mumbai for their website http://www.beidiotsafe.com . This is a compilation I made of those individual char illustrations it was used for an interesting online flash based app. Cheers & gear up for the years ending !


Wash away !

have been listening to some p songs off late..sketching along.. this one was called " WASH AWAY " by joe purdy.. simple & easy lyrics with nice guitar. Had heard this song as an OST of series LOST ( what a lovely one that was ), so sketched from one of his photos there as I savoured the song & lyrics. hope you do too!


Romancing the Rains !

Another post far too quickly !
Trying to capture the romance, freshness & the sheer pleasure of watching the lush greens !
Its been great watching the rains !
Enjoy :)

Keep rolling

Hi all..
That was a long break.. dunno why.. so just to keep rolling & be back in business ( of blog) posting some sketches that were pitched for styling of illustrations .. final style was a bit different though .. so thot of posting these ..
cheers & best


Good, Better, Best !

Hi all really didnt have much to update.. or rather havent thought of what to update.. so posting my current wallpaper.. I was playing with some discarded gouache painting in greens & yellows & some typo. Have been surrounded with fresh greens due to fantastic monsoon hence the palette :)
Instead of waiting to do a great piece for update posting one I have ... As they say
" A good thing for today is better than the best thing for tomorrow "
So posting whatever I have..

Enjoy !


A rarity

Hi all,
Was listening to Beautiful song 'Piya tora kaisa abhimaan' by Shubha mudgal ( also another super version by Hariharan ) from movie Raincoat, on a rainy evening and sketched this from memory ! & threw in some color splashes. I do very less of memory character/figure sketching hence called this post a RARITY !
I thoroughly enjoyed while the water was flowing ... outside the window and on my canvas as well. I hope you do too !
Enjoy the rains !


Done in 60 seconds !

Hi all,
a post after long.. something which goes well with the title "DONE IN 60 SECONDS". I downloaded some interesting palettes from Kuler . Kept a stopwatch, played some nice music along and did those .. Best way to beat the mental blocks away ! Simply liberates my soul !

Cheers & Enjoy !


Fathers Day

Hi all,
Found this sweet little poem for a fathers day on Poemsforfree. Whoevers written it is really lovely ! So added that to a sketch I had done some time ago. For all the joys that lovely kids give us !
Cheers all fathers !


Finally !

Finally I have my own web site! A place where I let my work SAY SOMETHING!
I tried to design on the philosophy of 'Minimalism' .. which I tend to love , also being one of the reason I love Apple Inc. in every & all its forms for its design !
Ive just posted my works for now Ill be updating project wise details & other little things pretty soon. So here the link :


All strings detached !

Some of my musings, more of "ANGRY abstracts" ... also has a quote I read in a ZEN book by Osho .. its about how lighter & unburdened your mind must be to fly on a higher plane.. I love that thought and totally agree that the bindings & attachments we have in some way burden us in more ways than one.
Went on spontaneously & vigorously, hence these images ..
enjoy !


Keep studying 'n Keep Sketching !

Hi .. posting a study sketch for a very interestingly lit corner .. worth calling a COZY corner for the inviting feeling ! did this from a photograph in a mag (about 20 mins) .. they are great sources for sketching .. be it places, lighting, people, fashion, fabrics etc..
Cheers all !


Bak to digital concepts !

Hi posing some digital doodles on a concept Ive been onto for some time now .. these are just explorations of temples in concept art ( seen lot of gothic structures & cathedrals ) .. hence just brushing up something on traditional Indian structures .. will be posting lot more these lines soon ...


Darkness & fireflies (part2) !

Hi all ,
Posting artworks done for a book of poems " KAALOKH KAAJVE" by my aunt Sau.Jayashree pathak. Also you can savour the short poems. This was the reason for earlier post as we had driven down to Nasik for the launch of the book. I was glad to get an opportunity to display some of the artworks there. More of sketches with inks & washes is what I did.. just to keep the expressive feel intact & supplement the lovely poems!
hope you like them !
Cheers :)



Hi ..these are impressions of an amazing Natures Lasers Show we(me + 5) experienced while driving on highway from Nasik to Pune on sunday evening. It was a tedious and slow drive with very less visibility & average road laced with streaks of bright lights !
One of the most spectacular lightnings ive seen that lasted for almost 2 hrs surprisingly without much thunder & heavy rains !
I Had to let it out visually hence this post ..
Cheers !


some Illustrations styles explored !

Hey all !
getting positive responses from peers & especially superiors is really a booster ! so keeping up the spirits high & posting some more .. these were some samples for style exploration for illustrated books .. I was playing more with block shapes &, lighting...and obviously textures ( which i love to play with all the time) .. hope u like em..
cheers !


.. Contd ( with the hangover ) ..

Hi there .. going ahead from where i left.. adding some more quick doodles that I did on the outdoors .. and some more thumbnail wanderings I did a few days later.. ( i love doing those :P )
For the love of trees !!

enjoy !


What you see & feel !

Hi all
wanted to share this dearly ! I had a chance to go for outdoor sketching & painting with students of Symbiosis design school to the lush campus of PUNE univ. A scorching day @ 39-40 deg. Yet under the massive banyan trees felt nothing. Such was the cool shade & the breeze. The task was to draw , sketch paint what you see .. I wanted to draw what I saw but ended up drawing what I felt as the feeling was much stronger , peaceful & beyond !
Also ended up doing quite a few sketches which Ill update soon. What a nice little refreshing trip it was , felt a bit guilty for not doing such sketching+painting trips often .. Would really like to get away from those Monitors & go out in lap of nature more frequently ! hopefully I will ...

for Peace :)


For a few sketches more ..

All mixed... sketches + digital + watercolors some of my confusions & scribbles & thoughts n more.. cheers ! .....hic !