Fathers Day

Hi all,
Found this sweet little poem for a fathers day on Poemsforfree. Whoevers written it is really lovely ! So added that to a sketch I had done some time ago. For all the joys that lovely kids give us !
Cheers all fathers !


Finally !

Finally I have my own web site! A place where I let my work SAY SOMETHING!
I tried to design on the philosophy of 'Minimalism' .. which I tend to love , also being one of the reason I love Apple Inc. in every & all its forms for its design !
Ive just posted my works for now Ill be updating project wise details & other little things pretty soon. So here the link :


All strings detached !

Some of my musings, more of "ANGRY abstracts" ... also has a quote I read in a ZEN book by Osho .. its about how lighter & unburdened your mind must be to fly on a higher plane.. I love that thought and totally agree that the bindings & attachments we have in some way burden us in more ways than one.
Went on spontaneously & vigorously, hence these images ..
enjoy !