some Illustrations styles explored !

Hey all !
getting positive responses from peers & especially superiors is really a booster ! so keeping up the spirits high & posting some more .. these were some samples for style exploration for illustrated books .. I was playing more with block shapes &, lighting...and obviously textures ( which i love to play with all the time) .. hope u like em..
cheers !


.. Contd ( with the hangover ) ..

Hi there .. going ahead from where i left.. adding some more quick doodles that I did on the outdoors .. and some more thumbnail wanderings I did a few days later.. ( i love doing those :P )
For the love of trees !!

enjoy !


What you see & feel !

Hi all
wanted to share this dearly ! I had a chance to go for outdoor sketching & painting with students of Symbiosis design school to the lush campus of PUNE univ. A scorching day @ 39-40 deg. Yet under the massive banyan trees felt nothing. Such was the cool shade & the breeze. The task was to draw , sketch paint what you see .. I wanted to draw what I saw but ended up drawing what I felt as the feeling was much stronger , peaceful & beyond !
Also ended up doing quite a few sketches which Ill update soon. What a nice little refreshing trip it was , felt a bit guilty for not doing such sketching+painting trips often .. Would really like to get away from those Monitors & go out in lap of nature more frequently ! hopefully I will ...

for Peace :)