A Tribute

A few months ago it was all SAVE TIGER campaign all around .. i had done this sketch then as i found Hobbes one of the best chars to speak 'for' the Tigers .. Sharing my tribute to the TIGER and calvin & hobbes !


Hide Like ..

Another Gentle GIANT in my opinion.. real Mighty, Solid defense & a mild behaved animal for all that .. Most of all herbivorous !
Im rolling on & on .. :)


Eye of the Tiger !

One more in continuation for the animals 'Eyes' .. Hope we dont lose this mighty animal forever.. A Beautiful animal indeed ..

Thats some optimism

A quote thats well worth appreciation for the Optimism ..BTW i was watching one of classic Favs Predator ... (yes Only the Arnie one) .. & was scribbling something which ended up this way .. Its endless joy to watch this movie after long & time & time again ..


Gentle Giant

continuing from the earlier one for the animals posts :) .. The Gentle giant ..
Am enjoying every bit of this safari .. cheers


Being Brave !

Another post of one of majestic wild animals .. again the eyes say so much for those animals...
some quote from film The Lion King which Mufasa tells his son .. about being brave .. Fantastic writing.. awesome baritone voice of James Earl jones & gr8 animation ... Brilliant storytelling & always an inspiration.. The classics always do that ;)
hope u like it ..


Ganapati Bappa Moraya !

A Fantastic Festival this is .. The Ganesha Festival! With heavy rains & downpour its still not gloomy as all are energetic to participate or even take a drive thru the city to absorb the visual splendor of the Ganesha installations & stalls ! Its divine .. while the city of Pune is full of life Im posting a graphic of My GOD !
May he bring peace all across & bless every soul ..



Hi ! A long pending post.. Was playing with Cintiq a day back so spent the time doing this.. Its pure FUN ! Wanted to focus on the eyes as they speak so much .. especially the animals..
I enjoyed it , hope you do too :)