Keep studying 'n Keep Sketching !

Hi .. posting a study sketch for a very interestingly lit corner .. worth calling a COZY corner for the inviting feeling ! did this from a photograph in a mag (about 20 mins) .. they are great sources for sketching .. be it places, lighting, people, fashion, fabrics etc..
Cheers all !


Bak to digital concepts !

Hi posing some digital doodles on a concept Ive been onto for some time now .. these are just explorations of temples in concept art ( seen lot of gothic structures & cathedrals ) .. hence just brushing up something on traditional Indian structures .. will be posting lot more these lines soon ...


Darkness & fireflies (part2) !

Hi all ,
Posting artworks done for a book of poems " KAALOKH KAAJVE" by my aunt Sau.Jayashree pathak. Also you can savour the short poems. This was the reason for earlier post as we had driven down to Nasik for the launch of the book. I was glad to get an opportunity to display some of the artworks there. More of sketches with inks & washes is what I did.. just to keep the expressive feel intact & supplement the lovely poems!
hope you like them !
Cheers :)



Hi ..these are impressions of an amazing Natures Lasers Show we(me + 5) experienced while driving on highway from Nasik to Pune on sunday evening. It was a tedious and slow drive with very less visibility & average road laced with streaks of bright lights !
One of the most spectacular lightnings ive seen that lasted for almost 2 hrs surprisingly without much thunder & heavy rains !
I Had to let it out visually hence this post ..
Cheers !