Beauty of western ghats ..

Few watercolors Done while travelling around Pune..
Waestern Ghats in rains.. heavenly ...!!!


Ode to the supreme teacher !

unMIND !

Let your Mind flow!

An artwork im posting after long.. Just had some keywords in mind,
meditation, The zone, Guru, Mentor, Trance, Divinity, respect & so much more.. tried to get it down with this !

cheers All !


Free !

Its been hectic work life.. more design less of art.. good & badd in varied perspectives.. but enjoyable nonetheless..
Posting something i did to free my mind..:)
cheers !!







What more pleasurable than to observes your kiddo play around while you sketch !
Pure FUN :)



Ohh Kaaat !

Day of Flying kites !
As kids we used to await this day eagerly. Practicing flying kites or rather flying them for pure fun used to be a daily routine after school for a month before 14 jan. Preparing the Manja , kites , collecting them & stocking them for the final D Day used to be a passionate ordeal.

Its sad to see none of them flying ( at least here in Pune ). So trying to relieve the names of kites through my profession :) and trying to document the vocab & the slang associated with it . Happy Sankranti !!

Ohh Paaar ! Ohhhh Kaaat !
means - a warcry like shout when you cut the others kites with yours flying high in control !


Biz Bay

Its Great to have people contact you for a style that you intrinsically develop & follow as a personal sketching style. This is one that began as " sketch without lifting the pen - spontaneously " ..

I did those Sketchy Illustrations for a real estate company Panchshil Builders in Pune for their massive commercial project BUSINESS Bay Branding . Those are to be used for various branding parallels.

This was fun sketching lot of activities in a city life & splashing a bit of color here & there..

Happy 2013 !


Happy New 2013 :)

Heres Gouche on boxboard ..

Wish everyone a very 
New 2013 !