Some More ...

I was totally inspired to watch this VDO ( Link Here) & also hear the fantastic Soundtrack it has ( SAIL - Awolnation) , it got me pumped to pick a gel pen & sketchbook ... I watched it over & over again & sketched from memory WITHOUT any screenshots or pause frames .. each one taking a not more than a few minutes ..

Just wanted to S T R E T C H my mind & hands exactly with the same flow & rhythm the dancer has ! I Enjoyed every bit of it :) Hope you do too the actual VDO & my sketches as well .. :)


LEGO (ohh ) !

Scanned a lot of sketches from my last few sketchbooks.. found one series of sketches trying to draw legs from fashion magazines .. Thereby the name :P ....
Will be posting many many more real soon.. :)
cheers !!