Some More ...

I was totally inspired to watch this VDO ( Link Here) & also hear the fantastic Soundtrack it has ( SAIL - Awolnation) , it got me pumped to pick a gel pen & sketchbook ... I watched it over & over again & sketched from memory WITHOUT any screenshots or pause frames .. each one taking a not more than a few minutes ..

Just wanted to S T R E T C H my mind & hands exactly with the same flow & rhythm the dancer has ! I Enjoyed every bit of it :) Hope you do too the actual VDO & my sketches as well .. :)


LEGO (ohh ) !

Scanned a lot of sketches from my last few sketchbooks.. found one series of sketches trying to draw legs from fashion magazines .. Thereby the name :P ....
Will be posting many many more real soon.. :)
cheers !!


Rest in Peace !

I Need not say anything anymore as nothing is left unsaid about this LEGEND !
Welcome to the HEAVENS Steve !


A Tribute

A few months ago it was all SAVE TIGER campaign all around .. i had done this sketch then as i found Hobbes one of the best chars to speak 'for' the Tigers .. Sharing my tribute to the TIGER and calvin & hobbes !


Hide Like ..

Another Gentle GIANT in my opinion.. real Mighty, Solid defense & a mild behaved animal for all that .. Most of all herbivorous !
Im rolling on & on .. :)


Eye of the Tiger !

One more in continuation for the animals 'Eyes' .. Hope we dont lose this mighty animal forever.. A Beautiful animal indeed ..

Thats some optimism

A quote thats well worth appreciation for the Optimism ..BTW i was watching one of classic Favs Predator ... (yes Only the Arnie one) .. & was scribbling something which ended up this way .. Its endless joy to watch this movie after long & time & time again ..


Gentle Giant

continuing from the earlier one for the animals posts :) .. The Gentle giant ..
Am enjoying every bit of this safari .. cheers


Being Brave !

Another post of one of majestic wild animals .. again the eyes say so much for those animals...
some quote from film The Lion King which Mufasa tells his son .. about being brave .. Fantastic writing.. awesome baritone voice of James Earl jones & gr8 animation ... Brilliant storytelling & always an inspiration.. The classics always do that ;)
hope u like it ..


Ganapati Bappa Moraya !

A Fantastic Festival this is .. The Ganesha Festival! With heavy rains & downpour its still not gloomy as all are energetic to participate or even take a drive thru the city to absorb the visual splendor of the Ganesha installations & stalls ! Its divine .. while the city of Pune is full of life Im posting a graphic of My GOD !
May he bring peace all across & bless every soul ..



Hi ! A long pending post.. Was playing with Cintiq a day back so spent the time doing this.. Its pure FUN ! Wanted to focus on the eyes as they speak so much .. especially the animals..
I enjoyed it , hope you do too :)


A New begining

Hi all .. a news for you .. I have been diagnosed with Acute OCSD.. Obsessive Compulsive Sketching Disorder ... I have been having it in bits & pieces but its growing worse by the day .. and for better.. !! Im wondering why it took so long to get it to this level ?
Please click this Link for further Information .. and be a part of new section of life !



Some paintings I had done with thought of 'warmth' .. in many of its forms.. waiting for sunlight after many gloomy days to the warmth of a simple honest prayer.. Had taken ref from a movie & extracted figures to build this piece ..
cheers :)


Sketches .. with a style ..

This started as rapid sketches on A3 Sheets with charcoal .. by taking refs from random fashion images from google & some magazines lying around .. later reworked on painter & PS with Dry media 7 Charcoal brushes to make up a pitch for Calendar Design ..

Enjoyed while i played around :)


Happy Fathers day !

HAPPY FATHERS DAY to all fathers who are blessed with their own bundles of joy !
Mothers mostly get their due in many ways and are more prominent while fathers are mostly the silent & understated pillars of strength .. Salute to all Fathers .. including mine ! who i shouldn't miss this opportunity to say Thanks for everything & Love ya a lot !

What better day to share some quick sketches of my daughter ! 'Chiya' as she speaks her name in her sweet voice .. There are loads i have been doing while she does all kinds of things around ..
The sketches vary according to the haircut shes gets :P

cheers :)


Some more !

.. Contd from earlier post !


Sketchy sessions

While conducting a module @ the MIT Design Institute, PUNE for pre-production design & digital methods, it used be great fun to start the day with gesture sketches.. really quick ones.. timed to about 30-40 secs .. here are some of the ones done of the students sketching .. while I have never been one who was into figure sketching but i must say this is really enjoyable & liberating.. it sets the ball rolling for the day ..

I usually try not to lift the pen to capture the gesture in a continuous flow of line .. then later on work on with a marker .. one of the techniques i came across in a book .. it also helps observing the pose very carefully & then draw fast without looking at in again after every stroke ..

cheers !


Cave paintings !

Something is better than nothing .. Ive been wanting to update with some of my latest work for long but somehow keep delaying it .. hopefully soon ill post a whole lotta sketches & posters.. till then comes this cave painting..

cheers & Njoi :)


Happy Mothers Day !

A tribute to all those fantastic, loving, caring, ever loving & incomparable 'MOTHERS' .. What a personality GOD has made . . Beyond words :)
Happy Mothers Day !


What I really need !

Work .. take a break .. work .. hectic schedule .. work .. travel .. work ... workshops ... projects .. pitches .. work .. sketch .. color .. plan .. look behind .. work ... look ahead.. plan .. relax.. read.. work .. late nights.. early mornings .. have fun .. hot summers .. chilled beer.. work .. Phew !!

What I really need is .. this !


Calendar Art

Hi all posting artwork i did few months ago for INEX India Ltd CALENDAR on the theme of 'Water'. 12 of those were finally selected for print .. Had a lot of fun doing those, starting from a single drop to the ocean .. hope you like em :)


Some brushes to explore!

Hi posting a few explorations with verry good watercolor brushes that I found for PS CS4!
Was pretty happy with playing with those on canvas textures .. very interesting randomness in the B&W textures that I got within the brushes.. Its good to try & simulate the actual manual colors & ink behavior in the digital form :)
Cheers ;) !


Pintoo & giant

Hi all posting images from the book I illustrated "PINTOO & THE GIANT " for TULIKA publishers. Was fun doing those illustrations for Kids in watercolors, especially the exploration phase for chars & the style. I enjoyed it , hope u do too !