Light !

Always a pleasure to play with Light !


Happy Happy Diwali 2012!

Wishing each & everyone of you a very happy, sweet, colorful, safe & Joyous Diwali 2012 ! God bless all !


Mielgo Sketch

Hi all ive been following & am a big fan of alberto mielgo ( go now & chek his blog !! )
He had an awesome video of him painting a girl in nude.. so did few sketches by pausing the vido of him.. just random stuff but it was exciting to see the video as well as sketching him :)
Enjoy !


Sketches + Graphics

Posting some sketches quickly treated in Graphical way !
Random poses from memory as practice ..
Cheers :)


A modern fairy tale

Long long time ago ..  At least seems like .. BTW how many of you have looged in orkut ? off late ?
Its almost a modern day tech Fairy tale ..
Was playing with woodcut patterns & drop caps for fun & this struck.. so made this as a daily dose  ..
hope you enjoy :)


Greats prefer Rounds !

A peculiar similarity that I observed in those who lead !
This is for Steve jobs on 5th Oct -
Again, May his soul RIP.




Lonely at the top :)
Some envios spawned from my earlier post of BnW thumbnails .. also thinking of doing concept art for all fairy tales I know.. more coming up on those :)



If you change nothing , nothing will change ..
to bring about change.. need to refresh & reload new brushes & try new things & new techniques !!
m lovin every bit of it ..:)


Rains .. keep coming again !

 Rains & Raindrops .. a great season to live by :)
some inspirations being translated to paintings ..


Black & White

Playing with Black & White .. inks markers & washes... creating spaces.. or more aptly, putting down Mindspaces :)

 applied a little block filter  over the entire page scan -


Hara Hara Mahadeva !!

A couple of Sketches with Marathas & their spirit on the mind ..
Hara Hara Mahadev !!

cheers !


Pure Joy

Hi .. playing with my Fav exercise of liberating my thoughts , hands & my soul.. quick thumbnails with limited color palettes.. Pure Joy  :)



Long time

Wai Temple- Menavli ghat

Hi ! .. A post after long long time .. With onset of rains ( scanty this year though ) heres the beautiful temple in menavli ghat.. Wai .. was exploring & playing around with new intuos 5 ..  Like a kid anything new is a matter of excitement & joy.. this being the result..:D hope u like it  .. !


Calendar 2012

Hi Posting The Complete Set of Illustrations done for calendar for the Real Estate Giant ABIL , Pune
While This is a Simple & quick Layout I have done as I wasn't completely in agreement the final layout that went ahead ( clients are sometimes difficult ) Though they were fairly liberal in terms of the illustrations & styling ( a rarity to be appreciated )  .. But anyways posting my version ..
Hope you all like it.. Cheers :)


Treecosystem !

A short story / concept that I am working on .. had started that long ago ..just pulled it out of the attic .. hopefully to compete soon ..
 Cheers :)


Some more Fashion Sketches !

Hi all ,
Posting a few more Fashion Illustrations , that i did for a client in Pune. Will post the final set of Illos I did ... this is in continuation from my earlier post LINK-HERE Had a really good time doing those in pencil & charcoal & then touching up digitally ! njoi


Vector art

Hi all, a post after long.. have been busy with some very interesting projects !.. here one i did with great bunch of people at LEMON Design, PUNE. I worked with them creating concepts & the vector illustrations for the annual IIIJS exhibition yo be held in Mumbai. Heres a link for the final Exhibit featured in creative roots. I Did only the vector Illustrations which was taken to a another level by the graphic designers & exhibition designers for various spatial & print parallels.A great interplay of colors & 3D objects spawned from the designs.
I had a good time & well worth every bit of it.. here im sharing a lot of initial sketches & panorama sketches ..Hope u like em..
cheers :)


HAPPY 2012

Welcome the new year !.. A new beginning with new vigor & a New start !! Have a ROCKING 2012 !!