On & On with this series..

Hi all,
took a bit longer to post this ... again am still in the same style mode which ive been for a while.. also reading this amazing book on presentations, called PRESENTATION ZEN by Garr reynolds.. he also has a very interesting blog here. As it says it follows the art of presentation in any professional & personal lives, with a minimalist & clear approach.. A must for a guy having a visual approach to doing things.
Coming back to paintings.. Its very interesting to explore new colors & compositions in the same theme bringing together your family of thoughts & expressing them with those visuals..
Its FUN to free your mind !
Hope u enjoy!

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VINOD MORE said...

this is very original and deep work. i just love the depth and colors even treatment is awesome. texture treatment reminds me lil bit of kung fuuuuuuuu.... but i just cant stop watching them again n again.. keep it up my friend