An exrecise

Hi all, haven't posted for long.. posting some thumbnails done as a study for totans & light .. Its good to layout blank grey rectangles & start with wide random strokes across all of them & then add light & start searching for environments , compositions interesting patterns among them .. Its a fun way to break free & work simultaneously on series of thumbnails...

The second one is the same thought process but with color.. you can take any family of color & work on all of them together .. Its pure fun ! a happy accident process.. somehow I always enjoy that ! It also help in establishing some underlying progression to all thumbnails like a colorscript..
You can always take one of those & build lot of details for final render..

Just some of my ways to keep working & exploring.. hope u enjoy!


Rakesh Vanamali said...

Very good abstracts! Well done! Keep @ it!

j.etienne said...

very exciting color sketches.