Take a plunge... really need to !

posting after quite long.. dont know why :-S ...X( ... but anyways.. will try to be more active..just a piece inspired from a photograph for the lighting & the misty feel...
trying to regain some momentum & rhythm for paintings after getting stuck with not so great freelance work ( which you have to do sometimes to keep the shop running..!)
will be posting many soon .. Lets go go go go!


VINOD MORE said...

gr8 to c back in action, love the treatment esp color selection and application, just the comp of fog with mountain looks very staged.. sometime things looks perfect in photograph does not go well with painting, just need to tune them.. otherwise lovely piece!!! keep coming with more wonders :)

dchax said...

Great to see your work again... your persistence with dark moods offset by flashes of brightness is a hallmark of your artistic style I think. Depth and penetration is handled exceptionally. However, for something as frail and intangible as fog / mist, you may want to experiment with more appropriate brish styles and strokes for better effect. Looking forward to more!!! et it flow...!

abhishek singh said...

good one
u'll find ur blog over at mine from now on

vikrant said...

gr8 work Ashoo.very inspiring.
thanks for sharing.where do u work?