Inspiration.. courtesy Planet earth...!!


Have been seeing the PLANET EARTH documentaries for quite some time.. Never fails you to provide a dose of inspiration from natural wonders & soothe you with the narration ..
heres one concept.. will be refining this & may be take this as a matte painting startoff .. there are always those plans behind every doodle.. very few reach the final goal..
still need to be hopeful all the time...:)




muhaaaaa mast zalay

dchax said...
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dchax said...

Aaaah!!! Wonderous Nature.... never fails to impress... great that you took up the notion of man as being so tiny and inconspicuous as opposed to nature. Lovely shades and hues! Realised that you and John Woo have something in common... :-D
A couple of white peace doves as a part of the framing composition... seen it in many of your works... he he!
Lets see some more inspirations coming to life! Cheers!

Tongue Trip said...

love this one, perfect..

Marcos Mateu said...

Nice, interesting image