Glows in the dark !

Hi ..
Posting an image ( a collage ) with set of illustrations i did for a book of expressive poems in marathi called KAALOKH KAAJAVE ( Literally meaning darkness & fireflies ) by my aunt(mami) Sau. Jayashree Pathak who is a poet & author herself ..
Mostly done with watercolors & pen & ink.. later touched up digitally .
They are mostly moody & expressive illustrations with splashes & washes of inks to go along ..
The book is in progress ..


orange said...

these are brilliant..the last two pieces esp. i love how you'r playing with simple shapes and deriving patterns out of it..just brilliant and inspiring to look at!

thumbs up sir!!

Ashoo said...

@ robin ,
Its a great pleasure & an honor to have your valued comments & appreciation ! esp after being a fan of your blog for so long..!

harshvardhan kadam said...

hey ashu!
these poem renders are really good!

subjective and evolving! pretty different than previous ones but has that ashu effect! which is nice

lostinarc said...

the visuals are awesome...:)

VINOD MORE said...

another comment, but this time its for right half of the page.. the visuals are no doubt has ashu effect as harsh mentioned... but poems are also way brilliant... ashu please get one copy for me....

A. Riabovitchev said...

Beautiful stuff on your blog ,Ashoo!
Love it!:o)

ZaneBearden said...
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