A rarity

Hi all,
Was listening to Beautiful song 'Piya tora kaisa abhimaan' by Shubha mudgal ( also another super version by Hariharan ) from movie Raincoat, on a rainy evening and sketched this from memory ! & threw in some color splashes. I do very less of memory character/figure sketching hence called this post a RARITY !
I thoroughly enjoyed while the water was flowing ... outside the window and on my canvas as well. I hope you do too !
Enjoy the rains !


Anonymous said...
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manjeet said...

Very nice. Suitable to weather and song.

nikheel said...

Great Stuff!!
loved the calligraphy there...its by you(?)

Ashoo said...

Hi nikheel.. yup its by me.. i just experiment with it sometimes.. as a hobbyist only :)
thnx anyways