Why hurry !

Hi all...
yup this post comes pretty quickly since the last but had to share it with all. Theres this blog 'zen habits' rather an amazing one which ive been following for quite long. I read this post last night about ' HOW NOT TO HURRY '.. made me pause & think & rethink .. for all around us in this zipping world this made me hit the pause button .. sitback, zoom out & just enjoy the view (& everything) .. and so i did starting from where I was .. a highly recommended read !
so once in a while just sit back, grab a beer ... relax & savor all !
cheers !


VINOD MORE said...

hi ashu first of all thx for the link... it is really worth reading.. and very nice illustration, really goes with thought.. keep sharing

Anonymous said...
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abhishek singh said...

i'm liking this sketchy trip ,
lovely stuff!!