Some paintings I had done with thought of 'warmth' .. in many of its forms.. waiting for sunlight after many gloomy days to the warmth of a simple honest prayer.. Had taken ref from a movie & extracted figures to build this piece ..
cheers :)


dchax said...

Nice. Which movie was your reference? reminds me of Hans Cristian Anderson's "Little Match Girl"

Eric Barclay said...

Wonderful lighting - really beautiful work

Ashoo said...

hello & thnx
@ DC dont remember the movie as i had some movie screenshots downloaded in a folder ..
@eric .. thanks a lot .. good to see u stop by :)


Insia said...

I like the second one a lot. I took a deep relaxing breath when I saw that one. Very nice!

Anonymous said...

beautiful.. love the lighting and the spaces (specially the 2nd one)