Happy Fathers day !

HAPPY FATHERS DAY to all fathers who are blessed with their own bundles of joy !
Mothers mostly get their due in many ways and are more prominent while fathers are mostly the silent & understated pillars of strength .. Salute to all Fathers .. including mine ! who i shouldn't miss this opportunity to say Thanks for everything & Love ya a lot !

What better day to share some quick sketches of my daughter ! 'Chiya' as she speaks her name in her sweet voice .. There are loads i have been doing while she does all kinds of things around ..
The sketches vary according to the haircut shes gets :P

cheers :)


abhishek singh said...

lovely string of sketches in the last few posts:) and yes a very happy father's day friend:)

Ashoo said...

thnx u my friend ggod to see u here after long :)

Pradeep Rathi said...

Too good and natural

VINOD MORE said...

Supercool...... nicely captured. and full on likeness... and happy to c all new updates, budy they all are just amazing.

Ashoo said...

@ vinod & pradeep.. thank u :)